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The End of the World

Just the fact that the Doctor had no hand to hold # when he watched Gallifrey pass into nothingness # he was so alone # while he witnessed the destruction he’d wrought # and when he sees a similar look of devastation and shellshocked horror on Rose’s face # he doesn’t leave her to experience that alone like he had to experience it alone # he takes her hand # and in some small measure it begins the process of healing him # standing in front of that decimated planet and holding someone’s hand and not being alone # not anymore (via gallifreyburning)

I just realized this.

The Doctor took Rose to see her world burn not just because he wanted to test her but because he needed the catharsis that comes with comforting someone else.

I think he tried to leave her alone—since she was standing on her own, watching the aftermath for presumably a fair amount of time—just so that he wouldn’t be alone in having watched his home burn alone, so that someone else would have done that, too, but clearly he couldn’t keep himself from the comfort of holding her hand and saving her from that feeling of utter loneliness.


How he will acquire his companion. [part 2 to this]

I may have seen this gif. Maybe I couldn’t resist.


Peter Capaldi: Everyone made Doctor Who.



Welcome Peter Capaldi, as the Twelfth Doctor.

The Doctors Who

11th: *dies*
12th: What the fucking fuck is this fuck why am I not fucking ginger why the fuck are u fucking with me fucking fuck